New Update Software for 2020

GPRSG - Picture Recognition Software

General Picture Recognition Software Package - Go to the Download Page and try our Picture Recognition Software out.  There are two version, the home is £0.99 pence and the Professional is £9.99.  The pro version really does have so many nice features.  It basically allows you to tag and organize your pictures using Picture Recognition.

LawAI Viewer - Legal Research Software (Freeware)

For those interested in UK or British Law and would like to use this type of legal research software.  LawAI Viewer is similar to the type of software recourses that Solicitors use like LexisNexis and WestLaw.  This software is similar but unlike the big players who charge for their legal research material Lawai Viewer is completely free to use. Click on Lawai Viewer to go to the download page for this software.

General Picture Recognition Software