Download and View Our General Picture Recognition Software for Windows 10 or 8.1, 8.0 and 7.  Versions like Vista or XP use the download link for those versions at the end of this page please.

We Provide the best General Picture Recognition Software on the Internet. 

Our software is well known and over the years we have had the software purchased by many customers from all around the world.  Download the software to view things like menus and see it working on your computer then purchase an activation code and all the menus and features become completely available.  Our Standard/home version starts at just £5.00 for software that makes searching for pictures easy using REAL PICTURE RECOGNITION.

Read our PDF document for features within the GPRSG PRO VERSION and Install information.

GPRSG Professional Version 11. now available to Evaluate  for 2016 - Download to evaluate functions and menus and have picture recognition software on your windows PC or Laptop or the Surf Pro or Surf Book. The new version comes with all the current features like Object Search, Picture Search given any sample image, Auto Search and Auto Tagging, Quick Tag Search. It also still comes with a full feature organizer and a powerful text based search system for all images already tagged.  It also has a full web-crawler with text and picture search. Also an object count that allows objects within pictures to be counted. New Features in this version are improved Auto Tagging Iteration Scenarios that continually scan images in the background using special iterative scenarios and tags those images automatically.  For example if a picture that is tagged contains a tag called car other pictures with cars in them will also be tagged using auto picture tagging.   

New Recent Feature - Small Aeroplane recognition function for people who take pictures of air displays and wish to list small pictures of an aeroplane in a much larger picture.  This function is useful and can be used to remove aeroplanes that are two far away to be a good photos.  When taking photos of a aeroplane flying around you will get some nice close up pictures but also lots of pictures where the aeroplane is so small it is not worth keeping. This new function is used to identify these pictures for removal.
To Purchase an Activation Code for the Professional Version Click Here

GPRSG latest Home Version is now available to Evaluate  - Now you can download the Professional version above and compare it to our Standard/Home Version. Just by comparing the menus and functionality will give a good idea of what is best for your needs before making a decision to purchase our software.  Notice the Sort Function  under View List on the main menu.  The home version collects the closest images to the sample selected.  Each image selected is given a number showing how close it is to the original sample.  The sort function brings the closest matches to the top of the list.  This happens both in the home and much more advanced professional version.  This means that it does not just provide the closest images to the original sample but also other interesting photos that in some way are similar to the original photo.     

To Purchase an Activation Code for the Home Version Click Here

Our software is Trusted by the people who download the GPRSG. If you are presented with a download security page that states Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised application from starting. Running this application might put your PC at risk.
More info - please follow these steps to run our software.

Click More info - Click Run Anyway this usually happens when running our older versions of the GPRSG Software.

Download to Evaluate our GPRSG DUPLICATION FINDER Version 8  - this is a FREE full functioning very powerful duplication image removal software that is provided free with our General Picture Recognition Software.  Although it comes free with our General Picture Recognition Software and it is one of the best. 

Download to Evaluate our GPRSG Perfect Picture Finder Software Version 5  - FREE for those who have the Professional Version of the General Picture Recognition software.  To activate the GPRSG Software Package please select Buy Home or Professional version from the side bar. Once the professional version is activated you can use perfect picture finder with the professional version of the Picture Recognition Software. People take hundreds of photo every day. Out of those hundreds of photos only a small number are going to be of the highest quality. PERFECT PICTURE FINDER looks at blur, light, darkness, how strong the photo is and list photos it suggests should be deleted or you can select the best photos to be kept. It then lists photo Pictures take up a lot of space this software can help save space and also allow you to keep the best photos or remove the very worst..

Older Versions of Windows XP or Vista try the link below only if the above links do not run

Some older computers with older versions of Windows can not run the new Microsoft framework 4.5.  We have a download below for our professional version that should run on older windows running the Microsoft 4.0 framework. 


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