How To Section 2015

This is the How To Section of the GPRSG Software and was added to the web-site to bring our large amount of current users up to date with some new features that we intend to implement in 2015 or functions we are working on in 2015. These functions will be out sometime in 2015 but when they are available we will explain how they work first in the How to Section before they are introduced into any help videos etc. in 2016.

For all current users who wish to use any new features just remove the current version of the GPRSG PRO or HOME version and update to the latest version.  To check to see if you have the most up to date version just check help then view version numbers.

New Feature in Version 10a in 2015

Both "Edit" and "Edit Results" features allow the user to tag the current file name on the fly in other words while the software is actually performing picture recognition.  The Organizer does the same job much better and with multiple pictures but the organizer is only available when picture recognition is not actually running.

Why is this useful? The answer is that from time to time you may wish to Tag a file for example that you may wish to use to search for other images while the software is running.  This is very useful when "Auto Tagging" is running, but for versatility we have allowed it to work in other search modes. 

How to use the "Edit" Feature

Answer: Just click "Edit" and the current picture will appear in a small window.  To exit click Cancel or just Tag the picture with a single word for example "Fishing" then click "Rename and Tag" then to finish click "Close".  Important unlike the "Organiser" that allows you to create up to three search values when searching in the future for ant image tagged for example "Car" and "Ford" and "Escort" so you can search using a text based search using any software to easily find a picture.  With "Edit" or "Edit Results" it will only add a single key word to search for example "Car" or "Ford" etc. 

How to use the "Edit Results" Feature

The "Edit Results" feature works in the same way as "Edit" apart from one aspect. The first time "Edit Results" is clicked it only enables the user to click on a picture in the "Found Results List".  The user still needs to click on a selected image then click "Edit Results" again. Apart from this it acts like "Edit" and you then Tag the image on the fly or while picture recognition is running in the same way.

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