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Cases and Legislation

We have analysed around two hundred years of primary legislation and a fair amount of secondary legislation. We have analysed most of the Supreme Court Cases and older House of Lords Cases.  We currently are continuing to analyze Appeal and High Court cases.   We have tribunal decisions and and continue to add new information every week.


Although we have a large amount of information we like most other legal resources do not hold everything.  This information is for education purposes only.  If you purchase a subscription you can request an update check but you still should check the original source to check if it is up to date.  If you request an update of a question via e-mail or our downloadable software and have a subscription we will update as soon as possible that question.   We will do a fresh search of the latest information we have for that question asked.  Again results should be checked against original source.  Please also read any other disclaimers on this web-site relating to lawainow legal resource.  The jurisdiction relates to England and Wales only.  The total refundable amount relating to any claim on this web-site is £60.00 only.

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