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We provide the following Paid legal research to the following organization:

The Cost starts at a minimum of 1 hours legal research for £10.00 and this reduces down to just £60.00 for a whole days worth of legal research or 8 hours.   For Solicitors who are very busy we offer this service as an overflow to your normal legal research requirements. 

Our Reputation
When we provide legal research we like to get it right and even go further for our customers by providing other indirect relevant information.  We know that Solicitors and Business will only use us if we provide quality information.  

We Guarantee:

We guarantee to make a full refund if you are not satisfied in any way with the legal research we provide.  If we are at full capacity and cannot complete your work within 48 hours we will let you know and then provide a full refund.


Information we provide maybe wrong or have mistakes, or out of date.  It is up to the customer receiving the legal research information to decide on relevance and check against original source.  We can only provide information that we think maybe relevant or sometime we just do not have that information within our systems.  


We are only litigable to the full price of the legal research contract.  For example if we provide incorrect information, or information that is not fully complete, we are happy to refund the full price of the agreement.  For example if we do one hours legal research for £10.00 and provide the wrong information our total liability is £10.00.

Time Research Will Start

Time only starts after we have read the e-mail question sent to use and after we have checked for payment and replied stating that we can do the legal research.  We usually will get the research answer back to a Solicitor or Business within 48 hours of reading the e-mail.  However if the e-mail sender requests the information faster we will try our best.   Anybody doing legal research will know that some questions are easy to resolve and get the correct answer while others are much more difficult.

If we run into difficulty and have to do additional legal research or update our own system because for example we do not have that regulation or the artificial intelligence need to read more information on that subject, and we cannot complete the research within 48 hours we will inform you our customer by e-mail.  At that point you can have a full refund or ask us to continue.  We normally will not charge any additional time for research that requires updating our own services. 

Three Reasons for outsourcing legal research

Employees are very expensive, for someone doing legal research as a paralegal cost anything form £15,000 to £20,000 small firms often only require legal  research overflow some of the time.  They prefer to outsource their legal research that is a lot less expensive than employing someone to do this work.

Busy times and capacity, big firms usually have enough staff but sometimes when things get busy it is nice to know that you have an alternative or fall back plan and can outsource your legal research.

Most small firms and even a lot of large legal firms can not justify the expense of using large and expensive on-line legal resources. Now there is an alternative just use legal researchers who only do legal research.  Secondly we have developed our own legal research artificial intelligent systems, that may even have better results from the traditional large legal resources.

We Prefer to do Our Own legal Research

Some legal firms just prefer to do their own legal research and we understand.  If you are reading this and are one of those legal firms why not purchase our Professional Legal Research Viewer to learn more just E-mail us at

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