Intellectual Property From 2008 to 2016

I started thinking about General Picture Recognition in the early 1990's and had always considered whether it was possible to create software that up until late 2000 was always concerned with recognition of a particular thing using mathematical points mostly.  For example using many different points on a face to try and identify that face.  But while all this was starting to take off I was already thinking about how every single object could be identified within a picture and the context and relationship of each object to that picture or another way of putting it how it was positioned within any one scene.

About 2008 I put my first attempt of General Picture Recognition onto the Internet with software I called General Picture Recognition Software General.   Since that time everybody including companies like Google have started to believe that what would have once been considered impossible that a computer could recognize any object within any picture may not be as impossible as first thought.

We have developed some interesting concepts in "General Picture Recognition" and they are listed below. Because we have noticed the proliferation of American Patents in Software and in particular picture recognition Patents that are not the same in the UK. We therefore have listed our intellectual property rights below.  

1. Auto Tagging using our unique concept of something similar to Neural Networking concepts but very different.  This concept does the following it compares two very similar whole pictures and allows each picture to be manually or automatically tagged by the user.  Once we have manually tagged a number of pictures we then allow our picture recognition software called GPRSG Software to take known information from a picture that is already tagged and then use that picture to identify similar pictures and tag that image.  This process is iterative the more images tagged the more images can be tagged given a selection of already tagged images.  This concept belongs to us and should not be copies or used in any other software product without our consent.

2 Colour interpretation uses our unique concept to remove all background within a photo and allows the selection of only the main object through colour selection taking any colour range and incorporating the whole colour range into a single colour.  This concept allows us to pull out an object from any picture and without the need to know every rotational shape using colour alone we can identify an object within reason of any size within any picture. We call this our "User Defined Custom Colour Object to Search Analysis" because by the user selecting colours within an object it will allow them to find the same object in any other picture even if there is a change of size and shape because of any sort of rotation.

3. Object storage uses our unique concept that allows object to be stored in their own file and tagged so that any picture can use any object within any file to build up a description of that picture so that the picture can be described in its own vocabulary or language using a simple word or phrase search with tagged to file; with in-depth descriptions and links.  Therefore a file may hold an object called helicopter and that object file is tagged internally with the description and linking mechanism and file content that allows any object in any other image to be compared with the object in the file containing the object. We use the same colours to identify the same object in other pictures even if the colour changes because of the way light hits that object when it is in different positions because of any rotation of that object vertical or horizontal or both. 

4)  Using a method that outline a change of strong colour or when one colour is changed to another colour.  We have a unique method for achieving the outline we produce.

5)  Multiple methods to identify what one picture contains.  The main concept is to identify the difference automatically between an object and what is actually background.  We identify background by working out what is an object.  Objects always being something that is between the background and each background is a layer of the object.  Using this method we can work out what is actually the object and what is the background using software alone. 

All of these concepts are our intellectual property rights and these ideas should not be reproduced in any other software without our permission.

General Picture Recognition Software