Absolute Privacy

Privacy Statement:

We also support this search engine protects cookies privacy.

We do not hold any data or track in any way.  We do not use Cookies or use any other form of tracking,  We do not wish to receive any personal data what so ever. Privacy is a fundamental human right.

What non personal data we collect within our free software  LawAIviewer softtware:

We only collect legal questions asked if our artificial intelligent system does not hold that legal question.  That question is then run through our artificial intelligent system to provide an answer and to update the system.  Please only send questions that do not include any persons name or organisation name or any other personal information.  If you wish to refer to any name just put X in place.  For example: "X lost their benefit because they were late for a benefit appointment."

Please note we only provide the location in law where that information can be found, we do not interpret that information.  Therefore if you need legal advice please go and see a Solicitor if however you cannot afford legal advice please feel free to use our standard version of our software.

We do not track who has downloaded our software or who may ask a legal question within the software.   This is because we believe in absolute privacy.

Downloading our software should be safe. However always save to your download folder and use an antivirus to check.  Microsoft edge browser may say the software is unsafe. Please just ignore and download it, is perfectly safe to use.  If you have any question before downloading the software please contact me at

About Us

LawAiNow is a small Welsh business so if you are a Solicitor, Business, Government Body or Educational Institution please support your local welsh business.  We are basically competing  against others like Westlaw, LexisNexis and others.  We use Artificial Intelligence to provide the best possible legal research information.

How can we compete, we are not saying leave them and come to use.  What we are saying is that they maybe charging thousands and we only charge £60.00 per year so if you are a big Solicitors or Business or Educational establishment using these services why not purchase ours also.

You may ask why, the answer is very simple no one system will ever give you all of the information.  This is because computers can never provide all of the data for a single question.  When you compare and contrast the data you get a better picture.  Ask LexisNexis a legal question then ask our system the same legal question.  See how they compare and contrast with each other this is the quickest  way to get the best results fast. Sometimes they may both point your at the same information but importantly other times one of the two systems will provide different but still relevant information, for example secondary legislation or cases that the other system just missed.

Another reason is cost, some small firms just can not afford to pay the subscription for these bigger legal resources and just do as much ad hoc local research as possible without all of the big legal resources.  Because we only charge £60.00 per year. This is nothing to even the smallest of solicitors.

Read more about us on your Free standard version of our software web-page.