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This web-site contains two main things, picture recognition software launch free on-line version.  It is used mainly for organizing your pictures with tags and uses picture recognition to attempt to group those pictures. 

Legal Research - For Solicitors, Business, Government

Completely free legal research tool via our Home Page

We have a free web based legal research tool that allows you to do on-line free legal research free of charge.

Available Features in our free web-based tool:

Free Search - just type in a single word to get started
Free List of related areas: if you only type in a single word it will relate that word to a legal context and return a useful list.
Free Index: this is the returned sub-list allowing you to quickly scan it to find out if it is worth reading further.
Free Abstract, Heading again allowing you to scan before reading the Main Paragraphs (time saving feature).
Free, Other cases and legislation found that relate.
Free, Judgment Thoughts:  available only in newer data. The artificial intelligent system attempts to work out number of judges making the decision and their decisions.  For example if you have 5 judges but only 2 decisions it is usually a good idea to read that case to check if there were decision made that the artificial intelligent system missed. Please note judges decisions sometime can be difficult for humans to understand and sometime they may not make a decision but refer back to a lower court etc.  Therefore please do not give the A.I a difficult time when it gets it wrong.  But it is a good pointer on which way a case went.  Any cases that are used in court should also be read in full from original source and interpretation should be by a human.

Paid for Professional Software and Service (Please E-mail for more Details)

Usually More data:  we have other servers sometimes with different data that is made available in the full Professions Legal Resource.
Priority answers to new questions
Priority answers to update requests
Highlight important aspects of the data (this is very useful indeed)
Pin-Point-Tracking of Data:  from index back to full text of the document the software highlights and track back the information in the index back into the full document.
One Click full document access: this means that it will highlight and provide the full document whether case or legislation so you can continue to read around the extracted data provided.
Interesting things found when developing our Artificial Intelligent System

We have learnt a huge amount about data and legal data spending well over 4 years developing our artificial intelligent system.  We have used it for legal research but basically it is a search engine that takes any type of unstructured data and makes it available at speed via the Internet.

What we came to realize is that whoever is providing legal information they have to make choices on what information to provide first to the end user.  For anybody doing legal research it should be interesting to see how different our information is from other big legal resources who provide legal information.  We think the information returned will be similar sometimes but completely different other times.  It will be interesting when the legal researcher find that combined information provided the best result.   

Privacy Statement  We also support this search engine helps protects your privacy.

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