General Picture Recognition Software Professional or Standard Version 2019 with Free Duplication Finder

We have sold the General Picture Recognition Software all around the world. Our customers have ranged from home users to large port authorities. We sell the Professional Version not only to small and medium size business but to large companies and big organizations. Companies use our software not only to find pictures but drawings, documents and many other scanned in images. Our picture recognition software is also used for large tasks like tagging stock photos that can easily run into millions of images. Give your Device Computer Vision and find your photos easily.  My Blog.  Self Driving Blog

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Software within the GPRSG Package that works on any PC, Laptop or Surface Pro for Microsoft Windows

Home Version - is our entry level picture recognition software we are currently selling the home version for only £1.00.  This gives everybody the chance to try out picture recognition.  Comes with our FREE GPRSG Image Duplication Finder.

Professional Versions Main Functions - Professional Recognition Engine, Manual Tagging, Auto Tagging, Picture Search, Object Search, Now there is an Object Count (see video page for more details) this function should be very helpful in the manufacturing industry, Web-Crawler, Complete and Powerful Organizer, Complete After Tagging Quick Search System. Other non picture recognition functions that really speed up any search. In this version there is shape only recognition this new feature ignores colour and only makes a decision on shape.  Also we have now included a new auto iteration on Auto Tagging.  This new feature is a background feature and will tag images using already tagged images using special predefined iteration sequencing.

Perfect Picture Finder Software Latest Version - Only available free with the Professional Version of the General Picture Recognition Software.  This software allows the user to search out Perfect, Very Good, Average, Poor or Very Poor Images.  It looks at things like blur, light, darkness, strong images and colour mix.  Images can be copies or deleted. 

Lots of companies store a large amount of images on their severs.  Use GPRSG Pro software can access any Microsoft drive on any server or download the images to a local computer and use our software to tag your images and upload them pack to your sever or carry out a picture recognition search. How our software can be used with servers for Business.

Once your images are tagged using our software the images can be searched using any normal text search.  Therefore it is possible to use and design your own PHP or Java Scripts to easily access information from any type of server or use our normal search capability built into your GPRSG Pro version to search on your PC, Laptop or Surface Pro Tablet. 

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General Picture Recognition Software